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Cloudways vs NameHero 2022– Which Hosting Provider Is The Best? (Top Features + Pros & Cons )

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Cloudways is a web hosting company that specializes in cloud hosting, while NameHero offers domain name registration and other related services.

The two companies are both very well-known in their respective industries. However, which one is the better option for you? Find out more about how they compare to make an informed decision!

After collecting all information check their reviews on different websites as well as check some current customer testimonials etc. 

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Name Hero offers high-speed WordPress hosting for your website. Reseller hosting & VPS hosting experts powering thousands of happy customers! They specialize in WordPress and Joomla! hosting.

Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting provider that has been in the industry for over four years. Cloudways is a hosting company that offers cloud servers and the ability to host on their platform. Cloudways provides 24/7 customer support as well as a free trial period of 14 days.

cloudways customer

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Cloudways is a platform that is used for the management of several hosting platforms which serves as a base for the teams for development, building, and deployment, scaling as well as managing the phenomenal applications used for a website.

NameHero is a leading platform in reseller hosting, high speed – cloud web hosting, dedicated server hosting as well as VPS hosting.

  • Scalable Performances
  • The experience is Worry-Free
  • Choice and Simplicity
  • Security
  • One-Click Recovery and Daily Backups
  • Web Hosting by LiteSpeed
  • Provision of 100% Cloud Web Hosting
  • The Uptime is 99.99%
  • One-Click Recovery and Daily Backups
  • Security
  • Plenty of app integrations can be installed
  • Excellent backup and data storage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Pay-as-you-go’
  • Offers features like Raid 10-protected storage and LiteSpeed
  • Unlimited Solid State Disk (SSD) storage
  • The team is available on 24*7*365
  • Deploy WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and other apps
  • Free SSL certificates as security is a priority for NameHero
  • The uptime is 99.99% .
  • No scope of control on how your website is running.
  • No domain registration
  • Cannot use cPanel or Plesk
  • Getting web hosting and the domain name is a paid feature
  • No monthly billing option
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Overview of Cloudways vs NameHero 

Cloudways :

Cloudways is a platform that is used for the management of several hosting platforms which serves as a base for the teams for development, building, and deployment, scaling as well as managing the phenomenal applications used for a website.

This platform tries to simplify the hosting experience, as they aim for the empowerment of the individuals along with their businesses and their teams as well. 

Cloudways vs NameHero - Cloudways-Overview

There are high standards of performance set so that the people can commit to the full freedom of choice, along with agility and simplicity in each and every process.

The Cloudways is backed up by an innovative approach, the platform is built on the best–of–breed technology as well as the infrastructure providers that help in leading the industries which help in the creation of smooth and managed experiences of cloud hosting.

All this is done by the investment of the right kind of talent and organizations of the perfect teams.


NameHero is a leading platform in reseller hosting, high speed – cloud web hosting, dedicated server hosting as well as VPS hosting.

Built with the usage of proprietary technology, this app operates on solid-state drives, powerful intel processors as well as high availability bandwidth on a private cloud.

The customers have a great time with the increased load on the page and also 99.99% uptime available with MariaDB as well as the Litespeed web.

Cloudways vs NameHero - Name-Hero-Overview

NameHero is built in the company and guidance of experienced internet entrepreneurs, this platform has also gained fame for its training and coaching Startup Blog along with hundreds of tutorials available that teach hosting configuration.

Latest digital marketing, and website monetization as well.

NameHero was built with an aim for the provision of reliable, scalable, and high-speed web hosting services for individuals as well as for their small businesses which is not only effortless for the users but also affordable.

Not taking into account the size of the user website, with amazing customer support and services. 

Features – Cloudways vs NameHero Features Compared

CloudWays –

  1. Choice and Simplicity – Cloudways provide Unlimited Applications, Innovative Control Panel, All the apps are PHP supported as well as 5 Cloud Providers.
  2. The experience is Worry-Free – The security features are excellently managed, the support is provided 24×7, 365 days =, provides 24×7 real-time monitoring as well as automated backups.
  3. Scalable Performances – CloudWays include built-in CDN, it has PHP 7.3 Servers ready on board, has Auto – healing Servers as well as optimized stacks. 

NameHero –

  1. The Uptime is 99.99% – As the infrastructure was developed in the cloud, the platform was able to offer top-of-line hardware as well as software components.


Not marketing their product, they submit their reports every year as well as have their services verified by the third party which backs up the services.  

  1. Provision of 100% Cloud Web Hosting – The hosting packages that are offered by the NameHero are being deployed instantly on the private cloud of the users. Dedicated servers that are operated just on a single hardware piece aren’t used. The infrastructure is developed to be secure, scalable, and reliable.
  2. Web Hosting by LiteSpeed – The LiteSpeed server is a high-performance replacement in Apache drop-in. The fourth most popular web server is LSWS.

Common Features

1. Security –

Cloudways –

Each and every server of the Cloudways comes with a pre-installed firewall that allows access only to some specific ports which need applications for their proper functioning.

For the login ease for the users, the rate-limiting for SFTP as well as SSH logins are used, which is a better yet simplified method of dealing with the brute–force attacks of login.

It also protects the user’s WordPress Website from the traffic congestion which is caused due to malicious bots, Denial – of – service attacks as well as brute-force attacks for login.  

The database of the users cannot be remotely accessed, apart from the IP addresses which they have marked in the whitelist for the allowance of usage. Since each of the applications is isolated, the entire server won’t be suffering due to the application level issue.

SSL Certificates are provided to the users at no cost to ensure security. CloudWays have partnered with BugCrowd to crowdsource the vulnerability discovery streaming in the CloudWays Platform.

To strengthen its security system, there is a two–factor authentication program. The ClodWays is encrypted end to end with the HTTPS protocol, which prevents data to be accessible while transferring.

NameHero –

NameHero has an advanced level of the firewall with the usage of artificial intelligence and herd immunity which detects new threats and stops them immediately.

It can also defend the website from DoS attacks, port scans, and brute force attacks. It is also integrated with mod security which enhances the usefulness of NameHero.


The Imunify360 provides excellent IPS along with a comprehensive collection that includes the “deny” policy rules which immediately block all the known attacks, generally the well–known tools that exploit websites.

It also scans files from each and every angle and also bans Ips which shows the sign that it is malicious like potential exploits, password failures. It also cleans up the Malware that is discovered beforehand.

It also analyzes if the website or the IP is blocked or is blacklisted by anyone. If they are, the user is notified immediately.


CloudWays is better than NameHero, taking into consideration the security issues.

2. One-Click Recovery and Daily Backups –

Cloudways –

The data that the user provides using this website is not just stored on a hard disk, rather it is stored on an entire network and this being the reason, the recovery of the data is incredibly simple and effortless.

Cloudy, along with the Migration feature, provides this feature also free of cost to its user. The Backup feature does not need a separate payment. The recovery of the website on the cloud server along with the image and videos is automated and it is done just in a click.

The backup will be done by the time period set according to the user, like it can be set to daily, once in two days, weekly, or any time period the user wishes for.

This being a great freebie for the users since around $2-$20 are charged by many companies just for the backup of the document.

NameHero –

The NameHero Platform provides the automatic backup with the help of the cPanel which accounts for the backup of the website every night and provides the service free of cost if the data contained in the website does not exceed 20 GB.


The website starts charging from the customer after that. Individual domains, as well as subdomains, can be restored, email accounts, complete home directory, databases, and also individual files.


CloudWays is better than NameHero, taking into account the data recovery since it does not charge the user a single penny.

3. Ease of Usage –

CloudWays –

The application of the Cloudways platform is effortless to use, even by a customer whois, not tech-savvy.

During the testing period of the CloudWays, it amazes the user with its plans and the speed by which the company makes up for the users to sign in for their free trial plan.

As a user of the website, it hardly takes 10 minutes to create a dedicated server by the user. The only things that are needed to be chosen are the server location as well as the number of resources that are needed.

Just by a few clicks, you can have any application of your wish installed on your sites, such as WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, and others.

NameHero –

NamHero platform has fast severed. The amazing support team makes it easier to use for the customers. The tutorials that are uploaded on the platform are easy to understand. The site is genuine and is interested to work with the users.

The platform is very smooth for working and also has a good working environment. This convenient platform, when supported by LiveChat, attracts many of the users as they provide immediate help.

The introduction to the platform when a newbie lands into it is also highly efficient for the users. The WHCMS and the suggestions are also provided free of cost.


Cloudways is much easier to use for the users as compared to NameHero since it has a wider range of applications and is more user–friendly. 

4. Notifications via the Chat Programs (Customer Care)–

Cloudways –

There is a setting on CloudWay which allows them to send the user a message on email, HipChat, Slack, and other services as well.

Like, for an instance, if the website is unavailable or unreachable even for a minute or more than that, the user is notified immediately and a message is popped up stating the same.


Apart from this, they also notify the user if there is any pending update that is yet to install, provides the user with the recommendations, and also helps the user out with the support questions which a user is likely to face if working for the first time.

NameHero –

The team of NameHero has a knowledgeable level of the support team and also provides an ultra-fast response in a minimum amount of time. Although the team works hard, there are some things that are not covered in the scope of the support system of the team.

The team makes every effort possible to help the users with the issues that they are facing.


Yet, at times, they might have to tell them to contact the software vendor. WHMCS is a very good example. The platform also offers a free license along with the Corporate Reseller Account, and they also receive a fair amount of daily support tickets.


NameHero is better in terms of customer service and providing quick responses as compared to CloudWays.

5. Speed Test and Performance –


The servers that are launched on Cloudways have the resources which are dedicated to it, boosting the performance of the website of the users.

It enables the user to maximize the usage of the server. cloudy being SSD – based, it drives 3x faster hosting, which reduces the time taken for the loading of the dynamic websites.

Optimized stacks such as Memcached, Nginx, Redis, and Varnish deliver expedited results. All the servers being PHP 7.3, are significantly faster.

CloudWays CDN delivers excellent performance and is at the to – of – the – chart at the global response times. Without technicalities, it can be incorporated within very few clicks.

The web – crashing issue is already resolved prior to auto-healing restarts. The cache – plugin, which is absolutely free, Breeze, comes pre-installed.

The free Magento cache which is used in full-page is built in, which boosts the performance by Magento 1.x stores. Apart from all these, CloudWays are supported by HTTP/2 servers, which significantly boosts the speed between the clients and the web servers.

NameHero –

The NameHero is provided with a high–speed cloud along with Solid State Drives, MariaDB as well as LiteSpeed Web Server, so this is the major reason why most people all over the globe choose NameHero as their provider for web hosting.


Ast the name ‘NameHero’ platform is associated directly with Railgun and Cloudflare technology, and hence, due to this, the international customers as well are able to achieve high page loads as the server is based in the United Nations.


Although both CloudWays and NameHero are equally efficient, NameHero is slightly better than NameHero due to its server loading feature. 

Pros and Cons of Cloudways vs NameHero



  • An easy-to-use platform where you can build websites in just a few clicks. It also comes with a custom plug-in option that can help migrate your old website. 
  • Its ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing system enables you to customize your plans and pay for what your business requires. Along with it comes a three-day trial period where you can test and run your website for FREE!
  • Simply install the PHP or Content Management System you need. WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, and plenty of other app integrations can also be installed.
  • With a user-friendly interface, Cloudways also has a great customer support team.
  • Since it’s a managed hosting provider with an excellent backup and data storage feature, you will be free of all your website worries!


  • The uptime of NameHero is 99.99% which is great.  
  • Includes domain name which increases the credibility of your business in the market.
  • Offers features like Raid 10-protected storage and LiteSpeed web servers which will improve the overall performance of your site and accelerate its speed.
  • The customer support offered is excellent. The team is available on 24*7*365 through voice and non-voice options.
  • Free SSL certificates as security is a priority for NameHero.
  • Deploy WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and other apps with just one click!
  • NameHero has unlimited Solid State Disk (SSD) storage and unmetered bandwidth for all the packages. This ensures fast page load time and better performance.



  • While the platform is easy to use it is not targeted at beginners and requires a level of expertise.  If you are not a techy person and do not want the baggage of managing a virtual server then, Cloudways is not for you.
  • Since Cloudways provides its own platform you cannot use cPanel or Plesk. You cannot make any modifications to the server as well.
  • No scope of control on how your website is running.
  • Cloudways provides no domain registration and initially, you will be given a temporary URL.


  • The biggest disadvantage is that there is no monthly billing option available for the basic plan which generally is preferred by new users.  
  • Getting web hosting and the domain name is a paid feature that makes the platform quite expensive unlike others; though the former might be available for free initially if a yearly plan or more is chosen.


Both Cloudways and NameHero have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While NameHero offers a unique domain and 99.99% uptime it is quite expensive.

Whereas Cloudways is pretty easy to use and has customizable plans making it the go-to platform if you are looking for an option that does not burn a hole in your pocket!

Which one should you choose between Cloudways vs Namehero?

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. Two of the most popular choices are Cloudways and Namehero. So, which one should you choose?

Both Cloudways and Namehero offer a variety of features that can be appealing to customers. Cloudways offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a free domain name and email account.

Namehero, on the other hand, provides free SSL certificates and daily backups. Both providers also offer 24/7 customer support.

In terms of price, Cloudways is more expensive than Namehero. However, you may find that the extra features offered by Cloudways are worth the extra cost. Ultimately, the decision of which provider to choose depends on your specific needs and budget.

Pricings: Cloudways vs NameHero Pricing Compared


Cloudways is adaptable, completely oversaw, cloud-based web facilitating supplier.

While the estimating can be confusing from the beginning, the plans offer extraordinary adaptability for the users so that they can pick the correct arrangement that will fulfill their needs.

The “pay-more only as costs arise” prototype makes Cloudways perfect for organizations and clients who have a restricted spending plan for facilitating their sites.

Additionally, this type of valuing composition guarantees you won’t get secured up an extensive, costly membership plan.

In general, Cloudways is counted among those cloud-based facilitating organizations that find some kind of harmony among reasonableness and highlights.

By collaborating with the best five cloud suppliers globally, Cloudways offers cloud-based facilitating administrations that tops the speed, execution, and dependability criteria.

In case you’re as yet uncertain about Cloudways, there is consistently a free three-day preliminary for you to try out its administrations but they do not provide a money-back guarantee.

Here are the plans that Cloudways offer to various cloud computing companies:

Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean-Pricing







Google Cloud:



This server is like an apartment. The company gives the best discount and cheap offers for shared hosting. You can choose plans for your company budget. The server location is important from your business location.

The best thing about this host is that it guarantees 30 days money-back guarantee.

The offers provided by NameHero are as follows:


Quick Links:

FAQs | Cloudways vs NameHero 

👉 Which hosting agent is better for access?

NameHero is recommended all over by its users since it is reasonably priced with a tremendous handcrafted hosting episode without any settlement queries.

👏 Which web host provides faster support?

CloudWays support can be a bit of technology and it needs improvement whereas the name hero offers LiteSpeed based Hosting.

🙌 Which host is recommended for beginners?

With a little technical knowledge, Cloudways is super easy to use that gives one-click staging for WordPress.

🤷‍♂️ Which NameHero plan should I get?

My recommendation is to start with a cheaper plan. You can always upgrade later on. NameHero can help you with the migration to a more expensive plan. The increase in visitors many times takes longer than expected and you shouldn’t pay a lot of money until the need arises. Of course, your needs may vary, and you can consult with a hosting expert from NameHero.

🙋 Is Cloudways worth?

Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

🙎‍♀️ How long is Cloudways free trial?

They offer a 3-day trial period in order for you to get familiar with the platform.

🙆‍♀️ Is NameHero hosting good?

NameHero provides web hosting at reasonable prices with CloudLinux, SSD and RAID 10. It also offers a free domain and SSL! However be aware that these prices only apply when you pay for 36 months in advance..

💁‍♂️ Is Cloudways fast?

The setup is quick and easy, even for people with limited knowledge of managed cloud hosting service. The server speed is very fast: Google PageSpeed Insights rated my test site 100, while Pingdom gave it an efficiency rating of 96!

🙎 What is the fastest hosting for WordPress?

Cloudways is a faster hosting as compared to Namehero.

🙋 How secure is Cloudways?

The Cloudways platform is fully protected with end-to-end encryption that ensures your data in transit has the HTTPS protocol, preventing access to it during the transfer from one system to another.

💁 Is Cloudways faster than SiteGround?

Cloudways is faster than SiteGround (Cloud hosting, and shared). Even though it's not cloud-based its still much faster.

🙇‍♂️ How long is Cloudways free trial?

Cloudways offers a free trial of 3 days.

🧏 What is the pricing of Namehero?

The Starter Plan of Namehero starts at $2.69/mo.

Wrapping It Up

Bear in mind that the cheapest and unrestricted web hosting service might not always be the perfect solution if you don’t have the ability to get your website/blog to do what you need or want.

When it comes to choosing a web host, customer support plays a key role. Whether you need assistance with installing WordPress or managing your emails or taking backups of your files, you need customer support assistance.

So how good is the customer support of these web hosts?

Which hosting provider is best for your site, totally depends on your site requirements, features, and budget.

While selecting any web hosting provider, first you have to do some basic keyword research. First, make a list of all top web hosting providers then sort them according to your requirements and budget.

These points should be kept in mind while comparing any web-hosting platforms:

* Speed:

Speed is one of the website’s most critical blog elements. Online customers expect to stack a site/blog as soon as possible. Any moderate site load leads to site traffic loss and visits.

Online customers and visitors want to discover their products and services as soon as possible. A study found that 80% of site visitors don’t want to return to a website with an overwhelming number of mediums.

* Site protection:

There are two important reasons for site security, server shutdown, crash, etc. To order to obtain these highlights, as a blog holder, you will not want to kill and close down the Web site during the shopping season or at various events.

As well as keeping a safe buffer from terrible contents and viruses, which can drag your data and information with you, just like shutting down your web server.

* Features and add-ons:

If you just start your blog for the first time, you want your site to go quickly. You require one-click script download, pick & drop Website Builder, free region domain name, SSL, etc. to be the best blog, web host.

Customer service: How quick would you like a reaction to a specific question? If you want the continued transparency of the client, professional employees, you would like to locate a specialist co-op hosting company that responds as quickly as possible.

It will take you some time to submit a help ticket with any question and to get a comment from your help group. Particularly because your question is not fully answered from the outset.

* Type of web server:

Four types of web servers are mostly used by owners of pages. Cloud hosting & dedicated servers shared databases. Shared web servers are much cheaper but these types of servers are being visited gradually.

The server is given to a variety of site owners and forums. The key reason is this. VPS is much more costly concurrently with a few different websites but the database room is completely separate from other domain holders in this kind of network service.

The most expensive types of servers are dedicated servers, but these servers rarely crash. Cloud is the other type of server. Most servers are linked to one another as a single server in this kind of server course.

Cloud servers are slowly comparing & contrasting with the private or VPS server. 

Conclusions: Cloudways vs NameHero Comparison in Detail 2022

From the points mentioned above, on comparing Cloudways and NameHero.

Cloudways is the best option compared to NameHero when it comes to hosting blogs.

Cloudways is one of the best drivers & reliable blog hosting companies around since you’re looking for the best blog hosting for your blogging website.

Cloudways Popular Video 

NameHero Popular Videos 

Cloudways on Social Media

NameHero On Social Media 


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  1. Cloudways is the future; we’ve innovated and unlocked technologies that will propel us to a new level of hosting. The idea is revolutionary: instead of installing software like WordPress on physical servers, we do it right in the cloud! You pay for what you use, without having to think about storage space or any responsibility for maintaining your site; all you need to know is how much total traffic you get each month? Cloudways lets you pull down content from Google’s content farm when needed. Up-time averages 93%, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited datastorage makes Cloudways’ plans the best around!”

  2. Deciding which web hosting provider to go with can be a difficult decision because let’s face it, all providers make false claims. Among other things, these companies will tell you that they have the best technology and customer service. It’s hard to know who is telling the truth! But I’m here to help you decide. Cloudways has ranked in recent third-party blacklist tests as one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers in 2018, with no outages reported so far this year. Don’t worry about slow speeds when uploading files or waiting for pages to load. And don’t worry either about having your company website down during important marketing campaigns since Cloudways offers 100% up-time guarantees on its services with total reliability assured.

  3. There’s a lot to like about Cloudways. The service has flexible cloud hosting plans, fast setup times, top-notch web-based customer support, and excellent uptime. It’s a company you can count on to keep your site up and running to services that offer those items

  4. Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that offers a high-quality, affordable, and secure way to host your website. They offer a variety of hosting options for your needs, such as dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud hosting services.

  5. There are exclusive expectations of execution set so individuals can focus on the full opportunity of decision, alongside readiness and effortlessness in every single interaction

    Worked with the use of restrictive innovation, this application works on strong state drives, incredible intel processors just as high accessibility transfer speed on a private cloud.

  6. There are many things that I love about Cloudways, I love the fact that it has Redis support. Enabling Redis helps your site’s database perform better than ever. Mixed in with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish, you never have to worry about your site’s performance.

    It also has Auto Healing Servers, which means if your server goes down, Cloudways jumps in right away with automatic self-healing to minimize downtime.

    This is a big-time help!

  7. Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting provider. The company provides a variety of cloud hosting plans and services, such as scalable management and high-performance hosting. It also offers a full range of benefits including security, scalability, and great website management!
    I strongly recommend you to try it!

  8. I’ve had this issue with Cloudways that I can’t access my cloud server directly from the provider. Also it requires a stronger support management.

  9. CloudWays offers the wonders of cloud hosting for free. You can set your server to make backups every day, every second day, every week or whenever you want. Once you have your backups in place and something goes horribly wrong, it will only take you a single click to recover your website, which is really awesome.

  10. I use Cloudways mainly because of it’s strong infrastructure which is because of Thundstack!
    This PHP stack consists of the best server and cache technology. The components of ThunderStack are Varnish Cache, NGINX, Redis. These components result in the fastest hosting stack across all platforms.
    Great software, highly recommended 👌

  11. Cloudways is brilliant when it comes to managing and monitoring your web hosting. They always seem to be on top of any potential security vulnerabilities and you know that in the event of a disaster, they will be able to quickly assist in containing and repairing problems with their network. There is no question about whether or not this company will do everything in their power to ensure 100% uptime for your website – rest assured they’ll give it their all!

  12. I have never experienced anything so helpful! After two days of customer service, my site is finally up and running again. The support team was nice enough to find a workaround for me until they can resolve the issue with a software update. I really appreciate their quick responses and will look into hosting with them going forward.

  13. Cloudways is one of many cloud hosting companies, but it’s the only one to offer weekly discounts. Most companies offer hosting plans on a monthly basis, so if customers are looking for promotions, Cloudways typically wins. I would recommend using them because they show up first on Google searches and provide top-notch customer service.

  14. Cloudways has been a lifesaver for me. I have been burned by so many other web hosting companies and Cloudways never let me down. It is one of the few companies that really know how to do things right, from their pricing to support services- they’re just perfect!

  15. I tested multiple web hosting companies for this review. The winner is Cloudways – I love the intuitive interface, affordability with price protection, 54 data centers around the world and 24/7 support.

  16. I sometimes find myself regretting purchasing a shared hosting account and ending up with all of the problems that come from terrible data management strategies. When I started using Cloudways, it was like magic. I set up my own cheap cloud hosting account, then managed it through their intuitive user interface on any device! The experience was not only painless but really fun. There’s even a few cool customization features that make the whole thing very personalized to my needs.

  17. It was not easy for me to find a hosting provider because I didn’t really know much about them or what they did. However, when it turns out that my host is unreliable and inconsistent in their quality of service – it’s really frustrating and potentially damaging to your brand and website if you don’t have backups

  18. The website is very flashy and has a lot of information about what they offer. The fact that all I have to do is create an account with them did make me want to sign up right away. This company seems deeply invested in doing whatever it takes to get your business on both sites, which is really nice.

  19. I’ve never had to worry if people were looking at my website because the site hosting is so fast. Until I found Name Hero, I was always anxious about how long something would take to load. Since signing up for Name Hero’s reseller hosting service, my site has been running at top speeds without any hiccups or glitches.

  20. The host gave misleading or bad advice on your initial plan. There are some gaps in security with things like malware protection and backup servers; maybe search engine optimizing is way over your head… It’s time to look for someone who can make this baby fly without too much pain!

  21. Name Hero has the best WordPress and Joomla! hosting experience of them all!
    – Fast servers – Friendly support – 24/7 customer service

  22. I’ve tried several hosting companies before but none of them really met my needs. I feel like the experience here is much more personal and they are always ready to help! If you sign up, make sure you chat with one of their technicians – they’re super friendly.

  23. We only host with Name Hero! The best hosting provider in the world. That’s because they are not just reliable – their customer service is unbeatable. I’ve never seen anything like it before

  24. The pages load faster than I thought was possible! Of course, the engineers are just really good at their jobs. They’re experts in what they do and always looking out for my best interests after all.

  25. When I needed hassle-free hosting for my WordPress website, Name Hero was the only hosting service that really understood what WordPress is all about. All of their servers are optimized for speedy loading and they offer high-speed page load times. It’s like they’re reading my mind! I usually work with companies who specialize in blogs (I feel like you guys would know better than anyone), but these guys were great at navigating me through the WordPress world.

  26. When I needed hassle-free hosting for my Joomla site to help grow my online business, Name Hero took care of all the SEO, so now Google never goes past page one because it keeps crawling mine!

  27. “The host you need. The customer service you love.” Name Hero is a great place to go if you want to create a website for your business or blog without any hassle! They provide high-speed hosting with easy installation features that anybody can use. Once I tried it, I never looked back!

  28. Cloudways provides hosting that’s built-to-go with cloud infrastructures so all of your customer data is always available. Make your first sale without worrying about downtime or expensive server costs because Cloudways has got it all already taken care of.


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