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Cobalt Apps Review 2022 With Discount Coupon (All Access $149)

We all know that WordPress is a very flexible and most loved platform out there. Nowadays most of the websites are powered by WordPress and it’s because of the easy to use interface and the plugins its offers for every kind of work.

And if you’re a WordPress Developer and loves to tackle all technical problems then really you need some kind of tools that can help you in making your task easier. Working for other clients and managing all the tasks is not that easy because we need to manage many things in a row.

Here if you’re a Freelance WordPress Developer then we have got a premium solution for you that will really make your freelance journey easier. Now I’m going to introduce a platform that offers a set of amazing tool for WordPress Developer out there.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Cobalt Apps offers premium tools for Freelance WordPress Developers. It offers a suite of premium tools that can really make WordPress Developers journey a lot easier.

You’ll discover high-quality and premium DEV tools for the freelancer here at Cobalt Apps.

You’ll discover a variety of WordPress DEV tools here that have been specifically designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of people who have developed websites for themselves and their clients.

Get access to all premium tools in just $149/year.

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Cobalt Apps Discount Coupon 2022 (All Access $149)


In this post, we have actually featured our trustworthy and honest Cobalt Apps Review 2022 that mainly includes detailed insights about its features, tools, pricing, and more. Let’s get started here.


Cobalt Apps Review 2022: A Legit Suite of Tools For WordPress Developers

About Cobalt Apps

Cobalt Apps offers powerful and premium tools for the Freelance WordPress Developer out there. As here at Cobalt Apps, you’re going to find high-quality and premium DEV tools for freelance.  

Here you’re going to find an array of WordPress DEV tools that are perfectly tailored in order to meet the needs and requirements of those who built a website for themselves and for their clients.



Actually, it’s a place where the creativity generally meets the years of pro-WordPress Themes & Plugins experience. In one line I Would like to say Cobalt Apps is one-stop solution for all of the serious WordPress Developers.

Like here you’re going to get tools like the Dynamik Website Builder, Genesis DevKit Plugin, Freelance DevKit Plugin, and more in a row. Now I’m going to explain each and every tool to you so that you can get better insights into these tools.

Here you can just get started with the free framework theme right to feature-rich Genesis Website Building Child themes out to their framework extending plugins and more.

9 Tool Offered By Cobalt Apps

In this section, I’m going to review each and every tool that  Cobalt Apps is generally offering. And I’ll be covering each and every feature that will really help you in getting better insights into this powerful platform. Let’s find out what tools we’re going to get with it.

1. Dynamik Website Builder:

Basically, its the ultimate Genesis Framework Web Design Tools. Moreover, it’s a Genesis Child Theme but it’s much more than that.

Actually, it’s power-packed right with no-coding design options that will really turn your WordPress Dashboard right into a Genesis Web Designing Platform.



And also it provides the custom coding and templates options that will easily provide the up-coming developers right with the perfect set of tools. This tool is actually for all of the DIY dev to the professional WordPress Freelancer, and it’s actually One Stop Solution.


  • Live Preview Mode:

Now you can also see your design that takes shape as you go just by using the site preview mode. Here the Dynamik offers a “Site Preview” mode that will generally allow you to see your website when you’re building it.

Also, the preview window mainly updates every time when you’ll save a new design change.


  • Customized Dynamik Skins:

Here the Dynamik Skin function mainly provides several benefits. Like here you can just go for more refined starting points in seconds along with the included pre-customized Dynamik Skins.


  • Front-End Custom CSS Builder:

Once you’re out of the many point-n-click design controls now its time to pop up right on the front-end of your website and just refine your design with ease. It has front end CSS builder and you’ll be able to knock out that final dev phase right without breaking a sweat.

2. Genesis Extender

Basically, the Genesis Extender Plugin is the ultimate Genesis Framework Add-On. It is the first Extender plugin in th series of the framework enhancing tools and it actually has a set of robust set of features.

It generally provides the same custom coding along with the action-hook based DEV tools that is found right in the other Extender Plugins.

But here with this plugin it also includes the EZ Static Homepage” feature and one of the most robust PHP builders of the Bunch along with other notable features too.  Without having any second thought I would like to say it will definitely enhance the Genesis Framework.


  • Powerful Framework Extending Features:

It has the Genesis Extender plugins and it has a set of Custom Coding and Code Building Tools along with custom templates, widgets area along with the creation options.


  • Intuitive Frontend CSS Builder:

Like many of the Extended users, here the front-end CSS builder tool that will allow all the web designer of all skill level to improve their styles right with ease. And it mainly writes the CSS code for you in order to provide the real-time results.


  • Visual Hooks Location:

Here the Beaver Extender generally offers an intuitive and the Front-End Visual Hooks Map features that will provide the developer right with ease to look some of the various hooks on the Beaver Builder Theme.

3. Extender Pro


Here the Extender Pro Plugins is one of the ultimate Theme Framework Add-On.

It’’s all about the site-specific customization as here it allows you to create simply theme custom styles, functions, scripts, templates, Widgets Areas along with all kinds of content, code and control as well.

It also extends the active WP Framework simply by providing a complete development environment. You can easily do much more with this Extender Pro plugins and it’s one of the people favorite WP DEV Tools.


  • Powerful Framework Extending Features:

It includes a robust set of Custom Coding and Code Building Tools along with custom templates, widgets area along with the creation options. Generally, it is combined with the front-end tool and hook mapping tools as well.


  • Custom Templates, Content & Code:

Here right with the website preview mode you will easily find the process of pasting on the custom script or just typing out some function code or just even the editing of a custom page Template.


  • Intuitive Front End DEV Tools:

For the many Extended Pro users, the Front-end DEV tools generally allow the web designer in order to tweak their styles and content right with ease. And it also provides the real-time CSS changes and offers a pair of super handy “Sandbox” tools.

4. Genesis DevKit Plugin:

Basically, Genesis DevKit Plugins is the complete Point-n-Click Genesis Child Theme kit and the best part is that there will no coding required at all. They have created all new plugins that will put all the features in order to stand out.

This plugin has the ability to create new Genesis Child Themes right from scratch and also provides hundreds of highly intuitive no coding design options and more in a row.


  • Point-N-CLick:

Here the Genesis DevKit generally provides a set of highly intuitive point-n-click design options that will definitely provide all of the skill level right with the ability to turn their websites ideas right into the professional realities.


  • Mobile-First Web Design Accessible:

Right, when it comes to the responsive designs the Genesis Framework has really taken the mobile first approach. And it commonly considered as the best practices of designs for all of the devices.Cobalt-Apps-Review-Mobile-Viewpoint

  • Professional Custom Coding COntrol:

The Genesis DevKit is one of the first and foremost Child Theme DEV tool and you can use it generally to add any kind of the custom code right for your website success. It has styles, function, and scripts as well.

5. Freelance Dev Kit Plugin:

Generally, the Freelance DevKit Plugin is the complete point-n-click child theme. This plugin has the ability to create new Genesis Child Themes right from scratch and also provides hundreds of highly intuitive no coding design options and more in a row.

It will definitely provide you a full-featured custom coding experience. As this tool provides all set of robust and highly intuitive point-n-click design options that will definitely provide users all skill levels to turn their website into professional-looking realities.


  • Mobile-First Web Design Accessible:

Right when it comes to the responsive designs the Freelancer Framework tool all of the mobile-first approach. And it is commonly considered the best practices of designing for all of the devices, mobile-first can be at first daunting.

  • Professional Custom Coding Control:

The Professional Freelance DevKit is one of the first and foremost Child Themes DEV tool and it should be of no surprise that you can generally use any kind of custom code necessary.

  • Front-End CSS Sandbox Tool:

It has a perfect “browse inspector sidekick” and the CSS sandbox toll will definitely provide the ideal solution simply for organizing and customizing all of those front-end style tweaks.

6. Instant IDE:

The instant IDE is the powerful and ultimate WordPress solution. And on the other hands, it is easily set up and managed by the included Instant IDE manager Plugin. Due to that, you can get the best of both worlds.

Here the complete installed, updated and controlled all through the comfort and ease of your WP Dashboard. And it’s definitely one of the powerful web designing tools and combos.


  • Quickly & Securely Edit Your Files:

There is no need to get out of your local code editor and also the FTP software. Simply whip out all of the Instant IDE manager plugins and right within a seconds, you can just have a secure and powerful and fully functional and Integrated Development Environment.

  • The Preview Mode:

Here with the Preview IDE Site Preview Mode, you can easily enjoy the benefits of both complete controls as well.

  • Has The Built-in Control:

If you’re actually searching right through your files and folders or even you can just connect to code reports just like the GitHub for the version control, new project ideas and more in a row.

7. Themer Pro:

The Themer Pro Plugin is the best and the complete solution in-dashboard WordPress Themes. It ’s actually a WordPress Theme Integrated Development Environment.

And with the help of this plugin, you can easily create the custom Child Themes right for your frameworks and simply get full access to both the Parent and the Child Themes and simply utilize the best built-in coding for a solution of The WordPress.


  • Create & Activate Custom Child Themes In Seconds:

We all know that creating the custom Child Theme is very simple as here you need to just fill out a few form fields and then just let the Themer Pro do rest of the work easily.

  • Complete Child Themes:

This plugin generally provides the complete CHild Themes editing solution. And right with the powerful Ace Editor built-in the Themer Pro Coding solution offered inside your WordPress Dashboard is more.

  • The Front End CSS Sandbox Tools:

It has a perfect “browse inspector sidekick” and the CSS Sandbox tool will definitely provide the solution for simply organizing and customizing all of those front end style tweaks that you’re working on before.

8. FE CSS Builder:

FE CSS Builder is the simple and intuitive Frontend CSS Building Toolkit. And it’s actually a notable design feature that is found in the Extender Plugins that is packed in the standalone tool.



Simply you need to activate it and just start playing with the designs of your website. All on the front end and also comes with real-time results. Even you can just locate the specific CSS code that you’re after and also have the CSS Building tool.


  • Intuitive Frontend CSS Builder:

Right with the Front-end CSS builder, you’ll find yourself the best website design and also you should play with the style ideas in no time. This tool is a simple CSS tool that will definitely help you in locating the right CSS code for the job.

  • CSS Teaching Tool:

If you’re starting to learn the CSS Coding or you just feel like you still need a little helping hand then the FE CSS builder plugin is one of the great ways to simply learn by doing.

9. Freelance Framework:

The FReelance Framework is right for the serious freelance WordPress developer. And it’s actually one of the professional WordPress Software Development too.  This tool is generally built for new professionals to be born and the current pro to simply thrive for more.



Freelancer is all about getting back right to the fundamentals but right in cutting edge kind of way.


  • Mobile First Responsive:

Here the Freelance just takes for the Mobile first responsive designs that will approach right to the website development. Now you can just do much more than that and design it for mobile screens.

  • Fast & Efficient:

This tool is very fast and efficient and it actually designed for helping the web developers. And there was a constant focus on the 80/20 rule right with the inclusion of the essentials.

  • Page Builder Compatible:

We all know that simplicity and flexibility is the greatest strength of the freelancers. This tool is perfectly suited for all of your favorite Page Builder Plugins. It also includes the Page Builder Templates that will definitely provide the perfect “Blank Canvas” for these plugins to work perfectly.

Cobalt Apps Pricing: Cobalt Apps Discount Coupon 2022 (All Access $149)

The thing that I liked most about Cobalt Apps is it’s flexible and affordable pricing so that anyone can easily get started with ease. The pricing plans are also for individual tools but that doesn’t make any sense as here Cobalt Apps is the power-packed solution for every WordPress Developer Out there.

Here I’m going to list the pricing plans offered by the Cobalt Apps:

  • All Access ($149)

With this all-access plan, you just save more than $200 right when compared to buying all the tools individually.  Like if you want to use two or more tools on regular basis then you should go with the Cobalt All-Access Plans and it the best value offers.

And also the All Access Plan is great of simplifying the things offered by them. Let’s find out what they are offering with all access plans:

  • All Access Plan ($149 / Yearly)

Now you can just save over $200 compared to purchasing tools separately.


  • Single license to simply Activate All Products
  • Unlimited License Activation Included
  • Includes 1 year of Support and Updates

And if you want to get All Access Lifetime Pricing:

Cobalt All Access Lifetime ($599)

Just get every cobalt apps products for a low one-time price.


  • A Single License to activate all products
  • Unlimited License Activation Included
  • Includes lifetime support and updates

Cobalt Powerpack ($99/Yearly)

Here the Cobalt Powerpack generally includes the premium set of tools for $99.



You’re going to get the tools :

  • Genesis DevKit Plugin
  • Freelance DevKit Plugin
  • Extender Pro Plugin

Quick Links

Cobalt Apps FAQs

👉🏻Will my Cobalt All-Access license be able to activate all products of Cobalt Apps?

Yes! The All-Access License of Cobalt Apps will help you activate and use all the products offered by Cobalt Apps.

👉🏻Does Cobalt All Access cover potential future CobaltApps products?

Yes, the All Access cover potential future CobaltApps products too. You can count it in.

👉🏻 Is the Cobalt All-Access license an Unlimited license for all time?

Cobalt Apps Review: Faq’s

👉What are the products offered by Cobalt Apps?

Products of Cobalt apps can be put under 4 broad categories: All-in-one Solution with Dynamik Website Builder; Powerful Point ‘N Click Theme Design with Genesis DevKit Plugin and Freelancer DevKit Plugin; Flexible Framework Customization - Genesis Extender Plugin and Extender Pro Plugin and Professional Development Environments - Themer Pro Plugin and Instant IDE Manager

👉Does Cobalt offer plugins and tools?

Cobalt Apps offers the following plugins and tools: Themer Pro Plugin - It combines a set of powerful tools for editing code with very simple options using which you can develop and customize child themes. Instant IDE Plugin - If you are looking for a code editor and a file browser built into your website, then the Instant IDE Plugin will come in handy. It creates a development environment based on Cloud that is equipped with FTP program and an editor. Dynamik Website Builder - It consists of one-click design options (for colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc) that do not require any code. Extender Pro Plugin - It consists of development and custom coding tools, templates, widgets, and options for content creation. Extender Pro is a great plugin for enhancing framework. Freelancer DevKit Plugin - This is a plugin for child theme development that combines point-n-click design options and custom coding facilities to give an impressive theme that looks like it has been hard-coded. Freelancer Framework - It is a web design and point-n-click plugin specially designed to work with the framework theme ‘Freelancer’ and FE CSS Builder Plugin which is a toolkit for building front-end CSS which helps in creating custom designs for your website. It is a great tool for those who are beginners to CSS.

👉What are the products offered by Cobalt Apps for the Genesis framework?

Cobalt Apps has designed the following plugins specially for the genesis framework: Genesis DevKit Plugin which a plugin specially built for the genesis framework. This plugin allows the design and customization of Genesis websites using point-n-click options that are hundreds in numbers. It also contains custom coding tools. This plugin is mostly used by developers, site assemblers, and owners of DIY sites and Genesis Extender Plugin which is a tool consisting of a static home page with widgets, custom PHP and front-end CSS builders using which you can build an aesthetic and functional website.

👉Should I have a license to use Cobalt Apps products?

Yes, to use the products of Cobalt Apps, you are required to have a license. You can check your license status under ‘View Licenses’ of ‘My Account’. You can also renew your expired license right there using the ‘Extend License’ option. The license is chargeable. You are charged for the license every year. You can renew your license every year either manually or by using the auto-renewal method.

👉What are the pricing plans of Cobalt Apps products?

Cobalt Apps products are priced as follows: Dynamic Website Builder - $99 Genesis DevKit Plugin - $99 Freelancer DevKit Plugin - $49 Genesis Extender Plugin - $49 Extender Pro Plugin - $49 Themer Pro Plugin - $49 Instant IDE Manager - $49 Freelancer Framework - Free, includes a license that is valid for a lifetime FE CSS Builder Plugin - Free

👉What are the discounts and coupon codes available on Cobalt Apps?

As of October 2020, Cobalt Apps is offering the following discounts and coupon codes: Free Tools - Free access to tools such as Catalyst to Genesis Converter, Genesis Custom PHP Builder, and Genesis XHTML to HTML5 CSS Converter. COUPON CODE: No coupon code required, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified 25% off on Catalyst - COUPON CODE: CATWP25, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified Buy Genesis Essentials Plugins starting from $29 - COUPON CODE: No coupon code required, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified 50% off on renewing Dynamik products - COUPON CODE: No coupon code required, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified Get 15% off on any order - COUPON CODE: ETDISCOUNT15, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified Buy Dynamik Website Builder starting from $89 - COUPON CODE: No coupon code required, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified Get big discounts on Genesis Child Themes - COUPON CODE: No coupon code required, EXPIRY DATE: Not specified

👉How do I know what Cobalt Apps product is right for me?

To know the right Cobalt App product for you, go through the description of each product, and narrow down your choices by going through the comparison chart that describes the features of each product and compares them to that of the others, and choose accordingly.

👉How should I apply Cobalt Apps coupon codes?

To apply the Cobalt Apps coupon code, select your plan, under ‘Have a discount code? ’, enter the coupon code, enter the billing details, you can also renew the existing license if any, and proceed with the payment.

👉Why is my Cobalt Apps coupon code not being accepted?

There are several reasons for the rejection of coupon codes. Coupon codes get rejected when they are not entered right (the most common mistake, check the code for spelling mistake, and make sure the source you are getting the coupon code from is genuine), or when they have expired, or when they are combined with other coupon codes (most websites accept only one coupon per order and any attempt made to add a second coupon code may replace the first one). Sometimes coupon codes also get withdrawn by companies before the expiration date without prior notice. To get timely information regarding discounts and coupon codes, subscribe to the Cobalt Apps newsletter.

Conclusion: Cobalt Apps Review With Cobalt Apps Discount Coupon 2022 (All Access $149)

With Cobalt Apps, you’re going to find high quality and premium DEV tools for the freelance WordPress Developers.  With the Cobalt Apps, you can just find an array of WordPress DEV tools that are perfectly tailored in order to meet the needs and requirements of those who built a website for themselves and for their clients.

Actually, it’s a place where the creativity generally meets the years of pro-WordPress Themes & Plugins experience. In one line I Would like to say Cobalt Apps is one-stop solution for all of the serious WordPress Developers.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your reviews about Cobalt Apps right in the comment section below. If you liked the post then please give us a moment to share this post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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