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Most businesses do not pay attention to the design of their website and they fail to realize that it plays a vital role in their company's development. It is amongst the most crucial features which help achieve real-time benefits and it also needs timely changes. When the features are changed on a timely basis, the website remains attractive, is able to attract as well as increase the traffic to the website. To improve the website's performance, it is essential to make the required changes in the already existing features. Every existing feature has to be scrutinized so as to identify the features which are useful. The features which need improvements must be considered and must be redesigned in an effective manner to meet the specifications of the business. Effective web redesign services are essential to realizing the expectations and dreams of clients.

Our Work Process

The inquiry

This generally takes place when you contact us over email or phone. The team at Digiexe discusses your ideas and business, the requirements, which will help us understand the business, its goals, and your requirements in a better way. Post this we create a proposal after conducting detailed research, along with a price quote.

Design Creation

At Digiexe, we discuss your business, your ideas, and your requirements before the website layout are sketched. We try to understand your goals as well for the project and the purpose of the whole project. We then send the 'Wireframe' model which will display the features and their functioning on your website. This method is preferred over creating specification documents. After this, we begin the design of the website as per the specifications by you. We will be sending some drafts of the website design so that you can check out the site's aesthetic appearance. We apply the interim design for the whole website and prior to finalizing the design, we conduct rounds of feedback wherein there is scope to modify the design.

Code Implementation

Once the design is finalized, we begin the coding. We use Dot Net, MySQL, and PHP to get the desired functionality of your website. We also use Rails or Ruby on Rails as it speeds up the process of website development. It aids our developers in gathering server information and creates some great templates.

Code Testing

Once we complete the coding, we will allow you to test your website. For websites that are large, we will require regular feedback. This method will save a lot of extra expenses in terms of time and money. While developing the site, we can test the website and stage it as well on our secure server. By doing this, we can check the website's latest versions before it is completed. You will be invited to review your site on the server and you can give your comments on it. We will test the website for a short duration to ensure it functions well on all devices and browsers. Our team conducts quality assurance testing on all websites before your project goes live.

Launch and Support

Once the site is live, your audience and prospective customers can access the site at any time or anywhere. After the website is live, we will be monitoring the site for bugs or any errors and it will be fixed before the traffic reaches the website. You can opt for our SEO or Internet marketing services and improve your site visibility in the ocean of websites. At Digiexe, we also offer our clients website maintenance services.

Our Packages

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