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Blogging has become quite a tough space with the amount of strong competition. Through blogging, a lot of people, organizations, and companies, these days discover many ways of earning money, building a brand, establishing a unique identity in the search engine results, or even showcasing their products, services or talents. Irrespective of the various reasons behind blogging, a common motive is getting a wider audience. So, how should you do it? Yes, you can by having some interactive blog posts. However, first, you must have an attractive blogging website created. We, at Digiexe, offer design services for WordPress blogs and we customize them as per your requirements and ideals. Irrespective of whether the specifications are simple or complex, we create the finest blogging website for you.

Our Approach

Prerequisites for WordPress Website Design

The first step to build up the WordPress website design would be your domain, the access to the hosting account, and the website content. This is required to start designing the WordPress website for any business.

Questionnaire for WordPress Website Design

In this step, research and preparation is the base for work related to design and development. Digiexe will send across a questionnaire that will collect information on the appearance of your website, the content you need to put, and the visuals required. You can provide website examples as well. This information along with our creativity will be used to create a website that gives you results.

Draft of the WordPress Website Design

Once the team at Digiexe understands the vision, they will start designing the draft of the website. The team creates drafts of the website and then sends them for approval to you. You will be provided 2 opportunities to revise the draft, where required.

Launch of the WordPress Website Design

Once you are satisfied with the website and, Digiexe will launch the WordPress website design.

Maintenance of the WordPress Website

Once the website goes live, you will have to take care of it. However, there is an option of enrolling in our program of website maintenance. Through this program, your website will be maintained by us, we also get a lot of small edit requests done and ensure your website is secure.

We build different blog websites, which are as follows:

  • 1. Personal Blog
    Though you are good at writing, you might not have a specialization in certain fields. Our team of creators can create and design a great personal blogging website for you.
  • 2. Business Blog
    Our designers help in designing and developing a website that is business-oriented, where you can write tips for amateur entrepreneurs.
  • 3. Professional Blog
    In a professional blogging website, you can write blogs that are related to a profession and this helps you get readers sharing the same interests.
  • 4. Branding Blog
    The brand of a company must be promoted. A branding blogging website will be ideal to promote a company's brand.
  • 5. Marketing Blog
    This is the perfect blog if you excel at marketing and you want to share your tips to a bigger audience.
  • 6. Promotional Blog
    The experts at Digiexe can create promotional blogging websites where you can promote your company's products and services.

Our Packages

  • Select the package that best suits you need
  • Design
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