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WP Engine vs Flywheel 2022: Which Is Best For WordPress? Pros & Cons (Truth)

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WP Engine vs Flywheel: which is better? Hosting can be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here! Our goal is to make hosting simple so you can focus on what matters most.

This post compares WP Engine and Flywheel – two of the most popular hosts out there. We’ll tell you all about their pricing plans, features, pros & cons, customer reviews, etc. Ready for your next hosting decision? Let’s get started!

WP Engine

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Pricing $22 $15
Best for

WP Engine as a hosting service, but we can't recommend it to anyone for one big reason: it's designed solely for users of WordPress.

Flywheel takes an interesting approach to web hosting by giving each client a perfectly WordPress-optimized, fine-tuned cloud environment.

  • Performance
  • Loading Speed
  • Uptime
  • Optimization
  • CDN
  • Local Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Reliability
  • Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • EverCache Technology for Faster Page Loading.
  • Free Data Backup and Restore.
  • WordPress Updates Automatically Installed.
  • Separate Staging Area for Testing Plugins
  • The ability to resell hosting
  • It’s easy to add SSL certificates
  • Faster sites and better performance
  • The best WordPress security practices
  • One-click staging sites
  • More Expensive
  • Not Applicable for Non-WordPress Platforms
  • Flywheel hosting doesn’t sell domains.
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WP Engine vs Flywheel – Ultimate Comparison 2022

It is a close race and in proving themselves both WP Engine and Flywheel have put up a close fight. Who’s the winner of those two WordPress hosts? Let’s dig deeper into this comparison!

WP Engine vs Flywheel: Overview

About WP Engine

WP Engine as a hosting service, but we can’t recommend it to anyone for one big reason: it’s designed solely for users of WordPress. If you’re a fan of WordPress then read on! If not, then you are going to want to try one of our other recommendations.

WP Engine Vs Flywheel - WP Engine

If you care enough about your WordPress site — its stability, scalability, loading time, and uptime — to spend upwards of $20 a month on it, then WP Engine is the perfect option. Making a convincing argument claiming otherwise would be difficult.

About Flywheel

Flywheel takes an interesting approach to web hosting by giving each client a perfectly WordPress-optimized, fine-tuned cloud environment.

The company revamped its infrastructure from the ground up, working in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform to provide the high-availability storage and dedicated resources required to support high-traffic locations.

WP Engine Vs Flywheel - Flywheel

Flywheel offers single-site or bulk hosting plans, referring to the number of installations WordPress has allowed. For new consumers who are used to seeing shared hosting, unlimited websites, and cost less than $5 a month, the $23-per-month price tag for the most accessible single-site plan would seem a little steep.

However, the added infrastructure, resources, and managed support make Flywheel an excellent deal for more discerning tasteful developers and designers.

Features of WP Engine Vs Flywheel

wp engine vs flywheel

When it comes to choosing a controlled WordPress host, you’ll need to look for a lot of apps. Daily Backups is one aspect of that. All of these web hosts provide regular free backups of your websites.

Google prefers to view stable websites with HTTPS. And if you’ve ever tried to mount an SSL certificate on your website, you ‘d know it can be a pain in the butt. Both WP Engine and Flywheel offer a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate which can be enabled with one click only.

WP ENGINE Personal

WP Engine provides stellar support and service which makes them one of the industry’s leading web hosts. They have won 3 Stevie awards for their customer service. They offer a premium caching service called Evercache designed to increase the performance of your WordPress website.

To beginners, it could not be easier to install a WordPress theme and to get a site up and running. To more seasoned people, like myself, the advanced features of WP Engine, like single-click staging areas for development, Git integration, multiple server locations, CDN compatibility, and a lot of other niceties, cannot beat.

Such features make the monthly price worth compared to what the economically more competitive hosts are selling.

  • Enterprise-level WordPress hosting
  • Built-in caching and staging
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Daily backups and 1-click restore

Flywheel Personal

Much like WP Engine, for all your WordPress pages, Flywheel provides a caching feature that will cut down on loading time in half. They offer blueprints that you can use with just one click to launch a template-based web site.

One thing I really like about Flywheel is they never overcharge you because they’re going over disk space or bandwidth. With 5 GB of storage and 250 GB of bandwidth, Flywheel starts single-site hosting plans together with a free site migration and SSL certificate. Traffic is limited to the simplest package, with 25,000 monthly visits.

  • WordPress-optimized infrastructure on Google Cloud
  • All plans come with auto-healing and instant-scaling technologies
  • All plans include FREE CDN and staging environments
  • Secure logins and easy billing transfers for resellers
  • Streamline account management through a custom dashboard

WordPress Hosting

If you are searching for reliable hosts providing WordPress staging environments, then both WP Engine and Flywheel have some of the best services.

You can see no need for an external server or plug-ins for all the services. With only one click of the mouse, users can push and pull adjustments between development and staging environments, besides selectively combining the database, or just themes and plugins.

Staging environments are the ideal way to check how new WordPress plugins or modified versions impact your web site.


Everything is controlled from a beautiful interface that is easy to use. All of your sites are hosted and accessible via the admin portal, which means you don’t have to remember all of the different logins for the sites you manage.

Flywheel - WordPress Hosting

Traditional hosting customers may miss the regular installation of cPanel, but the platform of Flywheel was specifically built for people who are enthusiastic about well-crafted user experiences.

  • High touch-controlled WordPress automated hosting
  • Free speed-boosting through integrated CDN and custom FlyCache technology
  • Staging environment with one-click sandbox
  • Expertise and assistance available in-house 24/7
  • Free security scans and the detection of malware

WP Engine

With prices far higher than many WordPress users are used to seeing, we understand that there may not be any WP Engine for everyone. But for the developers, the designers, the agencies, and the growing companies.

  • FREE Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes
  • Fast, scalable, and secure WordPress
  • FREE SSL certificate and CDN ready
  • Upgrade options for geotargeting and edge security

7 must know facts: WP Engine vs Flywheel

1. WP Engine and Flywheel are two of the most popular managed WordPress hosting providers on the market.

2. Both providers offer a wide range of features and services, making them attractive options for businesses of all sizes.

3. WP Engine is a little more expensive than Flywheel, but it also offers more features and services.

4. Flywheel is a good option for smaller businesses or those that are on a tight budget.

5. WP Engine is a good option for businesses that need more power and flexibility.

6. Flywheel is a good option for businesses that want to focus on content creation and marketing.

7. Ultimately, the best provider for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Performance of WP Engine Vs Flywheel – Uptime & Speed

Increasing a half-second delay in the pace of your website will lead to significant drops not only in your conversion rates but also in your search engine rankings. Search Engines like Google tend to view websites providing a positive experience for users.

Flywheel - Performance Metric


WP Engine

When it comes to controlled WordPress hosting, WP Engine has a stellar reputation. To keep the credibility intact, WP Engine is doing its best to keep its servers up at least 99.9 percent of the time. They offer as a credit 5 percent of your plan fee if they fail to keep your site up for 99.95 percent of the time.


Unlike WP Engine, Flywheel doesn’t offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) so if your site goes down you won’t get any free credit. Just like WP Engine, Flywheel has a reputation to uphold and they manage to achieve an uptime of 99.9 percent.

Flywheel - Stats

Loading Speed and CDN

With Flywheel that was my first surprise. I didn’t think there would be any difference in loading speeds, particularly because both hosting companies use MaxCDN for caching worldwide.

I used Pingdom to do some experiments, and the result was very clear: Instantly, Flywheel almost doubled our website’s load time.

The findings were not quite as obvious when I tried similar testing methods but it was still WP Engine which came out as a consistent winner.

Their Teams

WP Engine

WPEngine - Team


Flywheel - Team

Support & WP Engine Vs Flywheel

Support for WP Engine is very fast and usually very helpful, too. You can expect an answer in hours, really. Or simply call them, or chat with them.

WP engine- Support

On the other hand, the flywheel does not provide assistance 24/7, which is a concern if you are as far away as we are from the Texan time zone.

But even though we expected the next morning to have an answer in our inbox we were often disappointed. We had turnaround times of 24 hours + in a few instances. Its best to get in touch with them via live chat!

Winner: WP Engine

Pricing Plan & WP EngineVs Flywheel

Both WP Engine and Flywheel have services that are very similar but at different rates. While plans for WP Engine start at $29 a month, Flywheel is offering an entry-level offer for people who just want to test the service. Pricing for the Flywheel starts at just $14 a month.


 WP Engine Vs Flywheel - Pricing

  • 25,000 Visitors a Month
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 1 WordPress Site
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Data Transfer)
  • From $29.00 per month


WP Engine Vs Flywheel - Flywheel Pricing

  • 25,000 Visitors a Month
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 1 WordPress Site
  • 500 GB Bandwidth (Data Transfer)
  • From $15 per month

For the same price, both have different features and benefits to offer. These two plans only allow for one WordPress account. Nevertheless, WP Engine allows you to add additional sites to your Personal Plans for only $14.99 per domain.

Which is the best WP Engine vs Flywheel?

When it comes to choosing a WordPress hosting provider, there are many factors to consider. Two of the most popular providers are WP Engine and Flywheel.

Both companies offer reliable service and a wide range of features, but there are some key differences that set them apart. WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider, which means that they handle all of the technical details for you.

This can be a great option if you’re not very familiar with WordPress or if you don’t have time to manage your own hosting. However, it also means that you’ll have less control over your site and you’ll be subject to WP Engine’s policies and procedures.

Flywheel, on the other hand, is a self-managed WordPress hosting provider. This gives you more control over your site, but it also means that you’ll need to be more hands-on when it comes to managing your hosting.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your needs and preferences. If you want someone else to take care of the technical details, then WP Engine is a good option. However, if you’re looking for more control over your site, then Flywheel might be a better fit.

Customer Testimonials?

WP Engine Reviews

WP Engine Testimonials

FlyWheel Reviews

Flywheel - Testimonials

Flywheel - Testimonials

Quick Links:

Conclusion: WP Engine Vs Flywheel 2022 

If we have a comparison of WPEngine, they still end up being the clear winner, as they have such a great reputation. The flywheel is also a good company that has a lot to offer, but once again, compared to the WP engine, they simply cannot keep up.

WP Engine has an average user rating of 9.9 out of 10 which is just incredible. They are also rated very high by our web hosting experts who often recommend them to visitors. So, in this contrast, WP Engine is the winner, thanks to its great power, reliability, and other features!

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Diksha Garg

A graduate of the IIMC, Diksha enjoys testing out new tech products and services. Her goal is to help others make more informed purchases of tech products and services. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, and listening to music. An ardent reader loves to be surrounded by technology.

37 thoughts on “WP Engine vs Flywheel 2022: Which Is Best For WordPress? Pros & Cons (Truth)”

  1. Flywheel was the first provider to offer me an instance on high-thread-count servers, right off the bat. I’ll be darned but my site has never run faster! It’s like they had this one specially made for WordPress sites specifically. What can I say? The personal attention is what won me over (and that exit velocity ratio).

  2. I have been a WP Engine customer for years – I’ve seen them change, grow and improve. In those times of growth, they have not compromised on the features or service levels that made me want to invest my time and money with their company in the first place. Their improvements have been more new features than changes to old features so it feels very fluid as you move from new v/s older version.

    Their support is unmatched by any other hosting provider, which makes it feel personal when your questions are answered promptly and by people who know what they’re talking about! They stand behind their product 100% – if something goes wrong on their end then you won’t have to shout about hours long wait times like many providers. Recommended.

  3. WP Engine is by far the best web host out there, in my opinion. It’s hard to find one that really knows their stuff better than WP Engine. They have won 3 Stevie Excellence awards, which are pretty big for customer service, so you know they are doing something right.

    The customer service team on their site is always available and willing to help along with 24/7 chat on instant message sites like Skype or Live Chat! You can also get quick responses on Stack Overflow if you wish to ask a question about your WordPress blog here at any time of day of night without leaving our website page. And did I mention how fast this company was? My site speed had increased tremendously just after setting up hosting with them.

  4. Wp engine has made it one of the best hosting companies. I can easily setup my wordpress theme with WP Engine. it’s definitively worth to try so go give it a try now. Highly recommended.

  5. It’s a no brainer, you can build it yourself or pay to have these people do the work. I managed two WordPress sites myself for years and then decided that this company could be trusted as they know what they’re doing.

    If you want a host that will manage your site for you, look no further than WP Engine. Add-ons like Ever cache are intelligent choices which speed up how fast your website gets updated with new content–usually without breaking anything in the process. You can’t go wrong with their customer service either—they’re true professionals!

  6. I’ve never felt so supported in all my life. I reached out to WP Engine when it seemed like someone was attacking my website with brute force hacking every night. They worked with me for over 6 hours, remotely investigating the issue and what could be done about it. Using their hosting partner’s security expertise, they finally resolved the problem after suggesting that none of my plugins were compromised or doing anything wrong – only that the brute-force attack had identified our SSL key through an improper method (known as SSL hijacking). What impressed me, though, is how proactive they suddenly became here – did you know they can filter out any logins coming from unauthorized countries? I didn’t either! must give it a try.

  7. I am a WP Engine customer and couldn’t be happier. When I first setup my website, I had some design questions. They had a very helpful livechat that walked me right through what they were doing. Seriously, why would anyone want to go anywhere else? so, give them a try now they are totally worth it.

  8. It makes all the difference in the world when your site is up and running fast. It can make or break a business, as I know from experience. This is where WP Engine excels with their premium caching service Cleverly enough they call it Evercache. That’s because I’ve been waiting on those sites to load for a long time now!

    WP Engine has not only an excellent team of technical support personnel but also stellar customer service staff who strive to be responsive and friendly. Too many companies expect you to work through problems on your own, but WP Engineer strives to help you every step of the way accomplishing more than just fix-it-quick turnaround times that leave customers high and dry without any semblance of understanding. Recommended.

  9. I’ve been using WP Engine for the last year, ever since I heard about them at WordCamp US. I don’t use advanced WordPress features like Git or staging sites with the frequency of developers who really like to dive in and make their life hard (kidding!), but when I do need those things, WP Engine is there with fast replies to my problems. Evercache is great; CDN compatibility has made it super easy for me to get plenty of social media shares on articles that would otherwise be slow-loading because they got shared by someone overseas. Overall, this product makes my blog better without complicating anything!

  10. WP engine host is fantastic. I haven’t had any downtime since my website went up, the uptime has been great.

    The installation process was really easy, not confusing at all for me with absolutely no experience working on websites! It’s just one of those things where they have so many features that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need but their customer service is top-notch and very knowledgeable so all you have to do is ask them for help with what features are right for your site.
    Overall this company is A+ !!!!

  11. It’s fantastic! WP Engine provides singular support and service which makes them one of the best web hosts. The have won 3 Stevies for their customer service. They offer an premium caching service called Evercache designed to improve the performance of your wordpress website. To beginners, it couldn’t be easier to install a WordPress theme and conveyance up a plop down load bearing upon my computer-buts what I love about this plonk are the advanced features, like single-click staging areas for development, Git integration, multiple server locations, CDN compatibility, lots others niceties that can make life easier for more experienced people too!

  12. WP Engine is the service I turn to for WordPress hosting. My site performs faster than ever thanks to Evercache and they go out of their way to keep it up. I’ll never go back! Highly recommended.

  13. WP Engine is a user-friendly web hosting company with fantastic customer service. They offer one of the best options for premium caching, evercache, and their uptime surpasses 99%. I’ve never had an issue with them and they’re always available to help 24/7.

  14. WP Engine is a user-friendly web hosting company with fantastic customer service. They offer one of the best options for premium caching, evercache, and their uptime surpasses 99%. I’ve never had an issue with them and they’re always available to help 24/7.

  15. I am a developer, and I always do things myself. But one day, my site went down for about 8 hours – with the site being programmed by me – it’s a little embarrassing to say. One of their technicians cleaned up what he found wrong in my code and got the website back up within an hour or so after I signed up for hosting there. Fantastic customer service from those guys! This has been going on every now and then, but each time they have fixed it as soon as possible without charging anything extra.

    Still looking for web host? In all seriousness, WP engine is your best pick! You’ll be delighted you made this decision. They’ve got an long-standing reputation for being reliable and trustworthy hosting service. recommended.

  16. I have been using WP engine for about 3 years now. Beginning with an easy to use panel that was user friendly right down to the all too convenient ‘name your server’ button, I knew this would be a great host. It has continued to impress me since then. For example, they noticed when one of my sites had not been uploaded in months because it had problems loading so they proactively emailed asking what was going on and if it needed any special attention. The performance of their servers is rock solid!

  17. As a web developer I love WP engine, the experience is top notch. The support team helped me get going with my site and have been there if needed to answer questions or address any problems that I’ve had. If you’re serious about your WordPress site then this will be a great option for you too!

  18. WP Engine has been around for a while, and they do know their stuff. They have customer service on point 24/7, with engineers on standby to answer your questions in under an hour. In fact, WPEngine is one of the only hosts that provides phone support! My website continues to be up-to-date at all times thanks to the live chat feature which makes sure I am always informed about what’s going on.

  19. I have used WP engine for a couple of years now and I have been consistently impressed. In fact, it is the only web hosting company that I am willing to recommend with confidence or give my money to. They offer stellar customer service, quick site updates, and an easy-to-use dashboard. What more could you want? so go for it now.

  20. I had low expectations when I first went to WP Engine. Suddenly they grow on you like a fungus! It starts with the assistance and customer services and everything about their servers which is top notch. Also, there’s no discrimination in regards to how your site gets showered: uploads, traffic, or work that needs done; either way, WP engine do it all! Highly Recommended.

  21. We all know marketing is everything. You can have the best product on the planet but if you don’t put forth an easy to understand, engaging online presence with solid informational content, your product won’t have legs. And so it is with WP Engine’s new Evercache service! It’s an innovative caching system for WordPress sites that boosts performance of websites by 500% without any additional site load time or coding work needed–pretty sweet indeed!

  22. WP Engine provides stellar support which is why they are one of the industry’s leading web hosts. If you need help, you can contact them 24/7 and get a response in less than 3 minutes. The quality customer service has gained them three Stevie awards for this year alone! Another cool feature that WP Engine offers is Evercache – an application that greatly increases your site’s performance on WordPress!

  23. When it comes to hosting, everybody likes an underdog. Nobody likes being hounded by management outside of the office. Pretty much nobody wants to be at a company where you’re just one name on a list. WP Engine has always been about giving WordPress customers their seat at the table by making customer care available 24/7 and ensuring reliable performance so they can focus on doing what they do best-creating content-with zero downtime, security risks or headaches.

  24. WP Engine is great for WordPress websites. It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and also takes your site’s performance seriously since they offer an Evercache, designed to boost it even more. so it’s definitively worth to try. go try them out now.

  25. WP Engine has never failed me. I’ve used them for my blog since they started their company, but now I run a site with 15 million views per year! They make sure my site is always up and running quickly no matter what size it grows to! The customer service team does an amazing job keeping track of technical bugs that come up or anything with our shared hosting plan.

  26. If you spend any time on the internet, then it’s quite possible that you’ve seen WP Engine online. It’s everywhere- with wide banners offering up their services to help keep your website safe and secure without compromising performance. With more than 1.5 million websites running on their servers, they’re one of the premiere WordPress hosting companies available today for businesses all over the world. I should know because we work with them!

    WP Engine has been great to us since we started working with them several months ago and our site loading speeds have only gotten better as time goes by thanks to an easy and comprehensive setup process and a personal account rep who makes themselves readily available at all hours of the day for those pesky outage alerts or other problems so common

  27. WP engine has saved me so much time and money! For the price of one hour with a live tech support person at any other company, WP Engine offers 24/7 phone access. And the customer service they provide is phenomenal!!! I can’t praise them highly enough.

  28. WP Engine is one of the most cutting-edge web hosting providers in North America. If you’re looking for great features like lightning fast speed, excellent security, and reliable uptime then they’ve got you covered. You can rest easy knowing that WP Engine has your back when it comes to blogging because they’re always on top of any potential threats with regular security checks. It’s only natural if you want to invest in good quality hosting service like this!

  29. Flywheel is the answer to all my prayers! I don’t know about you, but keeping up with upgrades and security patches for WordPress can be such a chore. And it’s even worse when your site gets hacked. With Flywheel, you never have to worry about any of that stuff again. They take care of everything for you – all without compromising on performance! To boot, they offer fast customer service and a helpful support chat button should you ever need anything at all.

  30. I have been a Flywheel client for about six months now. My website has never been so responsive and performing so well! In my day to day usage, I’ve noticed that pages load much faster, and can handle more concurrent viewers with the increased resources available. The last time I checked my server resource page, there was plenty of room in everything from disk storage space to RAM memory – all still growing at a pretty constant rate too. Say goodbye to sluggish web hosting performance with Flywheel’s cloud environment!

  31. I was at my wit’s end, and then I found Flywheel…

    Normally when you start looking for web hosting, you really do your research. There are a lot of companies out there with different features and costs. You want to find one that fits your needs and budget. And in the last few years things seem to have only grown more competitive with each passing update to WordPress or redesign of their interface (don’t get me started on how many updates it takes!). But what if I told you about this company who seemed like they took all these factors into account? …That solves for X! That is exactly what Flywheel does — take care of everything else so that we don’t have to!

  32. The Flywheel experience doesn’t just feel fast… it feels free. I throw a ton of high-performance servers at my projects these days, and have often been frustrated by other hosting environments that couldn’t keep up with the demand. But thanks to all those speedy cores spinning in perfect unison, nothing stops me from running a superfly Web host for all my customers who want to live large online.

  33. I use Flywheel for my WordPress site because it’s the best hosting company out there! Heard about them from a friend. The WordPress integration is ingenious, and you can even have your own private cloud so others don’t see the website code when they are on your site. Lots of other neat features too. They come highly recommended by me.

  34. In case you’re not technically minded, this is a really attractive option. I needed a reliable web host and my wordpress blog was going to jump around or look bad – either way losing my readers – every time it updated – don’t even get me started on plugins. The flywheel’s setup allows for your site to look great with the most up-to-date content each time there’s a quick update.

  35. Flywheel takes design and optimization to the next level. By placing every client in their very own cloud environment, Flywheel eliminates wild web fluctuations while delivering stellar hosting. Whether you’re building a business site or running an online portfolio, our secure hosting will propel your growth to new heights!

  36. “As a developer and someone who’s built many WordPress sites in the past, I’ve been through pretty much every hosting company you can imagine. From shared hosting with 1GB of storage and 5 emails to unlimited bandwidth and support for practically any server-side task. Now Flywheel has come along and made all my woes go away! They’re content focused which means it’s 100% optimized for WordPress. Not only does this help them cut down on overhead costs but also ensures that they’ll be around to take care of me when it comes time to add or upgrade plugins.”

  37. I just recently hosted a website and blog on Flywheel and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use. Even the WordPress setup was pretty straightforward! The cloud environment itself is very intuitive and user-friendly, so even if you’re not technically savvy, you’ll be able to upload your own content without much trouble. And with unlimited storage space for databases, photos, etc., my site is now running smoothly at all times of the day. Can’t really ask for more than that!


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