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Almost all the business these days have a website of their own. To reach out to people globally, having your own website is the most simplest way. More so, these days when the government is trying its level best to you a Digital India, then why lack behind in technology! Isn’t?

There are many web designing institutes in Jaipur, then why Digiexe is the best amongst all?

Well, the answer is simple, our syllabus is updated quarterly. Well its simple, we update our syllabus every 3 months. Yes!! We take utmost pride to say that the syllabus we have for web designing is the most updated in terms of market trends.

Nowadays, mobile friendly websites are a boon to the industry and why not make use of this trend and learn how to create powerful responsive websites during the course.

Digiexe in Jaipur provides extensive training in Web Designing to offer step-by-step learning for the freshers and the ones who are interested in making their career shine in this technology.

On the completion of the course, the students are confident to face the competitive world and start up their own either working as a n employee or working as a freelancer. All the students undertaking the course are given thorough knowledge in the web designing and web development arena to bring innovative solutions in the industry.

Duration : 1.5 Months
Class Timings: 1 hour a day, 5 days a week


  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Designing of Website Layout
  • Basics of HTML
  • HTML Attributes
  • Creation of HTML Tables
  • Putting Images in HTML Website
  • Hyperlinking to Internal & External Pages
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Block & Divisions


  • Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Decorating Websites with CSS
  • Intro to CSS3 & HTML5
  • Responsive Website Designing


  • Introduction to Js
  • JS Loops
  • JS Functions
  • JS Events & Actions
  • JS Forms Validation
  • jQuery Sliders
  • JS Animations
  • Implementation on Websites


  • Setting up Domain & Web Hosting
  • Basics of FTP
  • Hosting your Live Project
Find optimum quality web designing training that covers HTML, JavaScript, CSS and much more. Students are taught the latest technologies which give them a edge over others.

Web designing is not a cake walk, specially when you are expected to design something out of the world making use of the latest techniques. Even if you are an experienced web designer, still you may get confused.

But all your worries come to an end at Digiexe, where you get hands on training to understand the simplest to complex techniques used in web designing.

When you are set to do the training in web designing, you will be over whelmed on seeing the vast amount of courses available online, some are paid, some interactive, some based on text, while others are videos. But, the struggle starts when you are not sure from where to start exactly.

This is where, Digiexe comes as a saviour where you are taught right from the basics to the advanced! Students are trained theoretically and practically both!

Students who wish to learn web designing in Jaipur , must consult Digiexe for their requirements. Our training comprises of giving all our students in-depth knowledge on designing, developing and maintaining the websites. We also provide training on different aspects of responsive websites comprising typography on the colour theory, work, imagery, layout etc.

Our objective here is to produce talented individuals who have wide technical knowledge and are able to meet the rising demands of the current evolving industry. DigiExe  is one of the best Web Design Training institute and center in Jaipur, we offer top Website Designing Training in Jaipur with best Faculty.

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